Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rava Dosa / Sooji Pancakes

Rava dosa is one of the breakfast dish in India. Very simple to make, but it need some skill to spread the batter very thin in the hot pan.

Here comes the recipe..

You will need:

  • 1. 5 cups of rice flour
  • 1 cup of sooji/ rava
  • ½ cup of maida/ all purpose flour
  • salt for taste
  • water as required to form a thin batter (consistency similar to butter milk)

For tempering:

  • 1 tsp oil
  • 1 tsp ghee
  • ¼ tsp mustard seeds
  • ¼ tsp cumin seeds
  • ¼ tsp black cumin
  • ½ tsp crushed red pepper flakes / red chili powder
  • ¼ onion ( chopped finely)
  • few curry leaves (chopped finely)
Step 1:

Heat oil and ghee in pan. When its hot add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, black cumin, and then the finely chopped onions. Saute onions till it turn golden brown color. Then add the curry leave sand teh red chili flakes and switch off the heat.

Step 2:

Take another bowl and add maida, rice flour, sooji/rava, salt and water. Mix it well to get thin batter. Now add the tempered mixture to it and mix it well.

Family size rava dosa

Step 3:

Heat a non stick flat pan on medium high heat. Spread the batter nicely in the hot pan. Better to start from sides of the pan and then finish it in the middle. But at Vahrehvah video i saw him sprinkling the batter over the pan using hands. I tried that and it worked for me. Apply oil on top if necessary. Turn the dosa when it turns golden brown colou. Enjoy with sambhar, chutney or with idli chutney powder

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