Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pencil Parable

This is the best message which touched me during college days . From a simple pencil we can learn 5 important lessons. Go through the slides.That will make you feel great..

Life is all about ups and downs. So never get disappointed at any stage. YOU WERE MADE TO DO GREAT THINGS!!!!!


Sindhu said...

Praise the Lord!
hi i am from pune, india.My name is sindhu john. I was searching for a donut recipe....and end up here.Hope u are a born again Christian.God Bless you my sister

Vijitha said...

Sindhu.. Praise the Lord. Yeap I'm born again Christian ma. Good to hear that google search leads to my blog. Hope you find my blog interesting. God Bless You too sister!!!!

Padmini said...

Hi Viji, I am not an internet buff....just while trying to get the right recipe for Muttai Parota, I got acquainted with your blog...and I must say, it is very intriguing - full of nice, selfless things....Thank you for sharing the Pencil Parable....I am also quite happy that your blog has christian messages and songs... Hope to spend some time going through things in your blog. God bless. Padmini

Christy Gerald said...

Dear Vijitha,
Today only I visited your blog when I came for Pineapple Kesari and found ur recipes very interesting.I'm from Tirunelveli Dist of Tamil Nadu and found most of our Community Recipes here like Yam Fry. Thanks for sharing the Pencil Parable.
God Bless U Vijitha- Christy Gerald.
(By the way I've also published 'Spicy Yam Fry ' recipe in website in my name).

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I came across your blog while searching for boli recipe, and was so glad that you have included Bible messages too. God bless you..